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Leslie George Petty
Josephine May Petty

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Charles Hayward - Shayle
Charles Hayward - Jones
George Joseph Petty
Benjamin John Bayliss
Sidney Ralph Ganderton
Sidney Ralph Ganderton (Original)

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Lottie May Hayward
Josephine May Petty
Fanny May (Hayward) Petty
George Joseph Petty

Ganderton Family
Bayliss Family
Hayward Family


Lottie May Hayward 4 years old, died on the 9th March, 1918 at Malvern Hospital, from shock, the result of extensive burns, accidently sustained.

Daughter of Charles Hayward, Dealer, Summers Barn Cottage, Ridgeway Cross, Cradley, Herefordshire.

Certificate received from George Frederick Sparrow Brown, Coroner for Worcestershire (Middle District)

Inquest held 11th March, 1918.

Death registered on 13th March 1918 by, G. M. Lewis, Deputy Registrar.

Lottie was Mabel Ganderton's sister. Mabel was born on the 10th April, 1917 and was less than a year old when her elder sister died.


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