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Sid and Mabel Ganderton, Wedding - Saturday, 14th February, 1942.Sidney Ralph Ganderton (28) Bachelor.
Occupation: Farm Worker.
Address: Brook Farm, Broadwas.
Married: Mabel Lloyd Hayward (24) Spinster.
Occupation: Post Office Assitant.
Address: Post Office, Knightwick.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
On: Saturday, 14th February, 1942.
Fathers: Charles Sidney Ganderton, (Farmer) and Charles Hayward, Deceased (Dealer).
Witness': Edgar William Ganderton and Fanny May Petty the Bride's Mother.
Rector: Rev. James Rothwell Burns.

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Sidney Ralph Ganderton / Mabel Lloyd Hayward

1939 Register

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Charles & Agnes Ganderton - marriage certificate and family link - Sid's parents

Sid and Mabel Ganderton, Wedding

The Best Man was Sid's brother Frank Ganderton. Because my Grandfather, John William Jones is in this photo, I imagine that he gave Mabel away acting on behalf of her father. (Mabel's father Charles Hayward was dead and her Stepfather, George Joseph Petty may not have been asked). The three Bridesmaids (left to right) were Mary Ganderton (Sid's brother Tom's, daughter) Josephine Lucy Holland, (John Edward and Doris Eliza's daughter) and Doreen Margaret Jones ( Reginald Lloyd and Gwendoline Nellie Jones' daughter) John William Jones was Grandfather of both Josephine and Doreen and Uncle to Mabel.


Mabel Lloyd Hayward was one of four sisters born to Francis May (Jones) Hayward and Charles Hayward. Her three sisters were Norah Mary Hayward (eldest sister), Lottie May Hayward (who died aged 4, on Saturday 9th March, 1918 at Malvern Hospital, from shock, the result of extensive burns, accidently sustained.) and Doris Winifred Hayward (youngest sister).
Hayward Family

After Charles died, Francis May married again to George Joseph Petty. There were two more children, a boy Leslie George Petty and a girl, Josephine May Petty (who died aged 9 weeks, on Tuesday, 22 December, 1931, from Heart Failure and Gastric Enteritis).