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The Philip Holland Genealogy Site

"One day, we too will slide off the edge of history, off people's memories, and be forgotten".

Here then is the story of my parent's families the Jones' and the Holland's and the families that were related to them. And of course my own life and family too.

I hope that you will enjoy and get to know them as I have while building this genealogy site.

I have been lucky to have had such a wonderful amount of photographs of my ancestors and I have used these throughout the family site. Many of them, are still alive today, while others have since passed on. I have become accustomed to their faces and feel as if I now know those family members who died before I was born.

For the Jones and Holland families (and their relations) I have used lots of different ways to gain the information needed for a family tree. Unlike a lot of family trees I decided to use much more information than just who was married, their children and dates of birth etc.

Where possible, I have written little tit bits about their lives.

The information was found by asking members of my family, friends and relations for details they knew and for this I am eternally grateful.

I also found data in the old family Bibles with births, deaths and marriages in them. The back of photos, information on postcards, in letters and from old paper cuttings.

Lots of information on Knightwick, Doddenham and Broadwas Parishes were kindly given to me by my old childhood friend, Peter Walker, who is now the Parish Verger of all those Parishes. Peter had done all the hard work by putting these records into digital format for PC.

Some of these records I backed up while using the Worcester Record Office in The Trinity (Now the Hive).The Record Office fiches of Worcestershire parish church records were invaluable. I used these along with the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871,1881,1901 and 1911 census' of Great Britain and I have bought or other wise acquired copies of some of the births, deaths and marriage certificates. These can often be seen on this site by using one of the links to the certificates page.

Sometimes their will be a link back, so you can carry on again after looking at the certificate, if not just use the back arrow in your Internet Viewer to return to your page. This is because it is not always possible to put these links in.

The first page you will go to will be entirely up to you and who you are. Once there though, you will find lots of interactive buttons on the left hand side of each family page. These will lead you into records about people you may have never heard of. Should you get lost, use the Home Page Button which will bring you back to here. Where you can select another family.

The links have photographs of the heads of the families, the men will lead you into a new family or subdivision of the same family. Once there their wives or partners will be your link to carry on through that family. If you reach the last page use another male link or use the Home Page Button.

Good luck, have fun and I hope that my work will have helped you learn a little more about your family too.

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This site is still not finished I have lots more to do and so visiting now and again you will find more added. To do some of this I will need your help, so:-

If you have any comments on what you see; spelling, wrong names etc. If you have any relevant information on someone that is already on this site or should be but because I have no information I haven't been able to put them in. If you have photographs in your possession of family members, old wedding photos etc. Please email me at this address including where possible scans of the photos and information. Or just information on its own.