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Leslie George Petty
Josephine May Petty

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Charles Hayward - Shayle
Charles Hayward - Jones
George Joseph Petty
Benjamin John Bayliss
Sidney Ralph Ganderton
Sidney Ralph Ganderton (Original)

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Lottie May Hayward
Josephine May Petty
Fanny May (Hayward) Petty
George Joseph Petty

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Thursday, 13th February, 1908.
St John in Bedwardine Church, Worcester.
Charles Hayward, 38 years old Widower.
Address:21 Skinner Street, St. Johns, Worcester.
Job: General Dealer.
Married: Fanny May (Jones) Hayward, 22 years old Spinster.
Address: The Star Inn, Bransford Road, Worcester.
Fathers: (Charles' father's name not given) John Lloyd Jones, Gardener
In the presence of: William and Agnes Reeves.
Curate:Vivian C. Blyth.

Fanny used Francis on this certificate but the name Fanny on all others after this.

John Lloyd Jones was her father and also great-grandfather to not only children in the Jones family but also the Holland family (Josephine, Graham and Philip) and in this case the Hayward family's ancestors which include the Ganderton's (Jennifer, Margaret, Julia and Roger.) the Bayliss (Barbara, John, Robert and Mary) and the Roberts (Raymond)

Unfortunately there is not any information about Charles Hayward's father. This may mean that he was illegitimate, or there may be some other explanation.

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