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31st October, 1886.
Charles Hayward, 32 years old bachelor.
Address: St Johns, Worcester.
Job: Farm Bailiff.
Married: Emily Eliza Shayle, 24 years old Spinster.
Address: St Johns, Worcester.
Fathers: Edward Hayward, Farmer and James Shayle, Farmer.
In the presence of: Richard Hodges and Eliza Alice Smith.

During the research I had seen this marriage certificate but did not think it could be the same Charles Hayward who later married Fanny May Jones.

Apart from the above marriage where Charles occupation was a farm bailiff, he always states that his job is a Dealer on every census form from 1891 to 1911.

This and the fact that he says he is 38 when he later marries Fanny May Jones in 1908. When he should have been 54 to match up with his age above is enlightened within the 1911 Census when he says that he is 50. Even this is odd as he should have been 57!

I'm pretty sure this is the same Charles Hayward as in the 1891 and 1911 census forms he says that he was born in Little Cowarne, Nr. Bromyard, Herefordshire.


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