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Ben and Doris, Wedding

Doris Winifred Hayward and Benjamin John Bayliss, at the front of St. Mary Magdalene Church, Broadwas, Worcester. After their Wedding Ceremony.

On the left of the photo is Graham John Holland (2nd cousin of the Bride) and on the right hand side is Annie Elizabeth (Jones) Wilkinson (the Brides Auntie).

Annie did not like her name and called herself Winnie.

Winnie's sister, Fanny May (Jones) (Hayward) Petty was the Brides mother.

Winnie and Fanny May's brother, John William Jones, was Graham's Grandfather.

Doris Winifred Hayward
Born: Tuesday, 18th May, 1920.
Married: Benjamin John Bayliss
On: Saturday, 14th January,1950.
At: St Mary Magdalene Church, Broadwas, Worcester.
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Fathers: James Bayliss - Wheelwright and Charles Hayward (deceased).
Witnesses: Walter Henry Bayliss and Robert John Roberts.
Rector: Arthur J. Hemming.

Barbara, John, Robert and Mary

Doris and Ben had four children, Barbara Bayliss, John Bayliss, Robert Bayliss and Mary Bayliss.