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Leslie George Petty
Josephine May Petty

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Charles Hayward - Shayle
Charles Hayward - Jones
George Joseph Petty
Benjamin John Bayliss
Sidney Ralph Ganderton
Sidney Ralph Ganderton (Original)

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Lottie May Hayward
Josephine May Petty
Fanny May (Hayward) Petty
George Joseph Petty

Ganderton Family
Bayliss Family
Hayward Family


Josephine May Petty
Born: Friday, 25 Septemberr, 1931.
At: Halesend Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire.
Parents: George (Joe) and Fanny (Jones) (Hayward) Petty

Sadly Josephine died 9 weeks later from Hart Failure and Gastric Enteritis. Since finding out about her I have wondered if she may have been associated with the naming of my sister.

Two of her step sisters Mabel and Doris went to live with their Uncle, John William Jones at the Post Ofiice, Knightwick. His daughter was Doris Eliza Jones who married John Edward Holland and had Josephine, Graham and myself, Philip.


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