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Sidney Ralph Ganderton (28) Bachelor
Married: Mabel Lloyd Hayward (24) Spinster.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
On: Saturday, 14th February, 1942.
Fathers: Charles Sidney Ganderton, Farmer and Charles Hayward, Deceased.
Witness': Edgar William Ganderton and Fanny May Petty the Bride's Mother.
Rector: J. R. Burns.

Copy of an original from Worcester Record Office, Trinity Street, Worcester.

In the 1939 Register:
John William Jones.
Born: 19th September 1877.
Occupation: Sub Postmaster and General Store.
Address: Post Office, Knightwick, Worcester.

Lucy Jones.
Born: 13th January 1876.
Occupation: UDD (Unpaid Domestic Duties).

Philip Rowland Jones.
Born: 14th November, 1905.
Occupation: Fitter and Turner, Agricultural.

Rowly married Lillian Anne Baylis.
At: St Thomas Church, Crowneast, Worcestershire
On: 24th August, 1940.

Mabel Lloyd Hayward.
Born: 10th April 1917.
Occupation: Post Office Assistant.

Mabel married Sidney Ralph Ganderton.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
On: Saturday, 14th February, 1942.

Mabel & Sid Ganderton on their wedding day
Mabel was my second cousin

Above: Frank Ganderton (Sid's brother and best man) Sidney Ganderton, Mabel (Hayward) Ganderton, John William Jones (my grandfather and Mabel's uncle), Doreen Jones (John Jones' grandaughter), Mary Ganderton (Sid's niece, his brother Tom Ganderton's daughter), Josephine Holland (John Jones' grandaughter and my sister).

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