See Birth Certificates:-
Leslie George Petty
Josephine May Petty

See Marriage Certificates:-
Charles Hayward - Shayle
Charles Hayward - Jones
George Joseph Petty
Benjamin John Bayliss
Sidney Ralph Ganderton
Sidney Ralph Ganderton (Original)

See Death Certificates:-
Lottie May Hayward
Josephine May Petty
Fanny May (Hayward) Petty
George Joseph Petty

Ganderton Family
Bayliss Family
Hayward Family


Fanny May Petty died from Atheroma, aged 60.
(Only 9 weeks after her second husband George Joseph Petty died, aged 46)

Atherogenesis, noun.
formation or development of atheroma.

Atherogenic, adjective.
forming or developing atheroma.
Ex. an atherogenic diet of high cholesterol content.

Atheroma, noun, pl. -mas, -mata.
1. fatty degeneration of the inner walls of the arteries.
2. a fatty deposit clogging an artery.


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