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Leslie George Petty
Josephine May Petty

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Charles Hayward - Shayle
Charles Hayward - Jones
George Joseph Petty
Benjamin John Bayliss
Sidney Ralph Ganderton
Sidney Ralph Ganderton (Original)

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Lottie May Hayward
Josephine May Petty
Fanny May (Hayward) Petty
George Joseph Petty

Ganderton Family
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Sidney Ralph Ganderton (28) Bachelor
Married: Mabel Lloyd Hayward (24) Spinster.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
On: Saturday, 14th February, 1942.
Fathers: Charles Sidney Ganderton, Farmer and Charles Hayward, Deceased.
Witness': Edgar William Ganderton and Fanny May Petty the Bride's Mother.
Rector: J. R. Burns.

In the 1939 Register:
John William Jones.
Born: 19th September 1877.
Occupation: Sub Postmaster and General Store.
Address: Post Office, Knightwick, Worcester.

Lucy Jones.
Born: 13th January 1876.
Occupation: UDD (Unpaid Domestic Duties).

Philip Rowland Jones.
Born: 14th November, 1905.
Occupation: Fitter and Turner, Agricultural.

Rowly married Lillian Anne Baylis.
At: St Thomas Church, Crowneast, Worcestershire
On: 24th August, 1940.

Mabel Lloyd Hayward.
Born: 10th April 1917.
Occupation: Post Office Assistant.

Mabel married Sidney Ralph Ganderton.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
On: Saturday, 14th February, 1942.

Mabel & Sid Ganderton
Mabel was my second cousin

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