See the Marriage Certificate of Philip Grubham's parents:-

William Grubham

See Marriage Certificate of Philip and Eliza (Bury) Grubham.

Philip Grubham

See the Marriage Certificate's of Philip and Eliza Grubham's children:-

Albert William Grubham
Lucy Grubham
Esther Elizabeth Grubham/Flowers
Esther Elizabeth Grubham/Wootton
James Grubham
Henry Grubham

See the Marriage Certificate's of Philip's brother Richard & Jane (Kettle) Grubham and their children:-

Richard Grubham
Olive Grubham
Annie Grubham


William Grubham
Philip Grubham
Albert William Grubham
Lucy Grubham
Esther Elizabeth Grubham
James Grubham
Henry Grubham
Olive Grubham
Annie Grubham


Frank Ernest Sefton, 24 Bachelor
Job: Groom
Address: Castle Morton, Worcestershire.
Married: Annie Grubham, 21 Spinster
Address: Doddenham, Worcestershire.
On: 22nd October, 1908.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
Fathers: Henry Sefton, Tailor (Deceased) and Richard Grubham, Labourer (Deceased).
Curate: F. H. P. Higgins (Broadwas)
In the presence of: Frederick George Sefton and Florence Williams.

Annie's father, Richard Grubham was the brother of Philip Grubham who was my Great grandfather.

Copy of an original from the Worcester Record Office, Trinity Street, Worcester.

The following came from the Knightwick School Admission's Register.

Annie Grubham
Born: 23rd January, 1887.
Admission to
Knightwick School : 2nd May, 1892.
Parent: Richard Grubham
Living at: The Leap, Doddenham, Worcestershire.
Occupation: Labourer
Date of Leaving: 11th May, 1900. 

In the 1939 Register:
Annie Sefton (Widow).
Born: 23rd January 1887.
Occupation: Domestic Paid.

Joyce Muriel Sefton.
Born: 9th April 1911.
Occupation: Hairdresser.
Married: Francis A. Parton
On: 7th November 1960.

Doris M. Sefton.
Born: 28th April 1916
Occupation: Shop Assistant.

Address: 50 West Malvern Road, Malvern, Worcestershire.

(Three others lived at this address). .

Frank Ernest Sefton and his wife Annie (Grubham) Sefton, with their three children. Gordon Frank Sefton, Joyce Muriel Sefton and Dennis Geoffrey Sefton.


Related Family
from the marriage of Annie Grubham to Frank Sefton


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