Family Reunion, 2nd October 2005.

The above photograph was taken at Derek and Jean Lloyd's daughter and son-in-law's house. I had been invited there to meet a whole new set of relations. This came about from Derek finding my genealogy site on the internet and realising that his wife Jean and I were related through a common ancestor on the Grubham side of our families.

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2007 Reunion Photo


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William Grubham married Elizabeth Daniell and they are the common ancestor's of Jean (Sefton) Lloyd and myself Philip Holland. Making us second cousins once removed. Hopefully this will explain to those who have been brought together by the wonderful genealogy research undertaken by Derek and Jean Lloyd, as to how I have appeared in your family tree.

I myself find it fascinating how many different routes one can take down the ancestral path. I have to admit though that I have found following my ancestors the Grubhams' extremely satisfying and of course my research led on to the Sefton family and hence one of the reasons why I was contacted by Derek and Jean.

Donald Sefton, Marian Heggs and Jean Lloyd are brother and sisters and children from the family of Frank and Annie Sefton.

I would like to say a thank you at this point for the help I have received from Derek and Jean with regards to some of my own family research.

Just below myself and behind Claire Taylor is Sian a friend of Hollie Williams.

Photograph taken by: Geraldine Cooper.


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