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Above - 1901 Census

1851 William Grubham
1861 William Grubham
1871 William Grubham
1881 William Grubham

1881 Phillip Grubham
1891 Phillip Grubham
1901 Phillip Grubham
1911 Phillip Grubham

1881 Richard Grubham
1891 Richard Grubham
1901 Jane Grubham
1911 Frank & Annie Sefton

1871 Thomas Arnall
1891 Mary Betsy Arnall
1901 Albert William Grubham
1911 Albert Willam Grubham
1911 Mary Betsy Grubham

1881 William Clark Flowers

1891 William Clark Flowers
1901 Nathaniel Flowers
1911 Nathaniel Flowers

1901 Bawden Wootton
1911 Bawden Wootton

1871 Henry Mason
1881 Henry Mason
1911 William Mason
1911 Emily Mason

1881 James Baker
1891 Lucy Baker
1901 Lucy Baker
1901 Alice Baker

1911 Henry & Alice Grubham

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William and Elizabeth Grubham were my Great - Great Grandparents. Their son Phillip married Eliza Berry and they were my Great Grandparents.

Phillip and Eliza Grubham were my Great Grandparents. Their daughter Lucy married John William Jones and they were my Grandparents.

Richard Grubham's parents were William and Elizabeth Grubham. He was Philip Grubham's brother and my Great Grand Uncle. He married Jane Kettle from Claines, Worcester.

Thomas and Emma Arnall were the parents of Mary Betsy Arnall who married my great uncle Bert (Albert William Grubham), Philip and Eliza's son and brother of Lucy my Grandmother.

William Clark and Martha Anne (Nellhams) Flowers were the parents of Nathaniel William Flowers who after loosing his first wife Louisa (Lewis) Flowers, married my great aunt Lizzy (Esther Elizabeth Grubham) Philip and Eliza's daughter and sister of Lucy my Grandmother.

Henry and Mary Mason were the parents of Emily Mason who married my great uncle Jim (James Grubham) Phillip and Eliza's son and brother of Lucy my Grandmother.

James and Lucy Baker were the parents of Alice Mary Baker who married my great uncle Harry (Henry Grubham) Phillip and Eliza's son and brother of Lucy my Grandmother.

1891 Census RG12/2323
Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Address: The Leap, Doddenham,

Richard Grubham (Head)
Age: 41
Occupation:Agricultural Labourer.
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Jane (Kettle) Grubham (Wife)
Age: 44
Born: Claines, Worcester.

Olive Grubham (Daughter)
Age: 9 Scholar
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Mary Grubham (Daughter)
Age: 7 Scholar
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Annie Grubham (Daughter)
Age: 4 Scholar
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Alice Davies (Niece)
Age: 6 Scholar
Born: Broadwas, Worcestershire.


Lucy Grubham
Age: 15
Occupation: General Servant (Domestic)
At: Easinghope Farm
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

This is my grandmother, who married John William Jones. She wasn't on the 1891 Philip Grubham census, so it was nice to find her on this one and see what she was doing.



1901 Census RG13/2775
Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Address: The Leap, Doddenham,

Jane (Kettle) Grubham (Head)
Age: 56
Born: Claines, Worcester.

Annie Grubham (Daughter)
Age: 14
Occupation: Teacher in School
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Famiy Address:
The Leap


I know that Annie was a teacher at Knightwick School. What amazed me was her age, only 14 !!

Jane is now a widow.

1911 Census

Address: Godsells Cottage, Cowleigh Road, Malvern, Worcestershire.

Frank Ernest Sefton (Head)
Age: 25
Born: Malvern, Worcestershire.

Annie Sefton (Wife)
Age: 24
Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Gordon Sefton (Son)
Born: Malvern, Worcestershire.

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