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Albert William Grubham was the first child to Philip and Eliza Grubham. He was born on the 28th November 1873 and baptised at Knightwick Church, Worcestershire on the 28th December 1875. His father's occupation at the time was bricklayer and his address Ankerdine Hill. The Rector was Octavius Fox. He Married: Betsy Mary Arnall on the 5th October, 1898, at New Milverton, Leamington. They had a daughter Lucy May Grubham, Born: 16th May 1905 at Towcester, Northants. She was, Baptised: on the 5th August, 1906, at Knightwick Church, Worcestershire. His wife Betsy Mary, Died: January 1943 and their daughter Lucy Mary, Died: 14th April, 1946. Uncle Bert ( Great Uncle to me), Died: 8th February, 1964 with TB. He was 90 years of age. As far as I know Bert was a Butler for most of his life.

My cousin Norman Jones said, that Uncle Bert wheel barrowed bricks from Knightwick Railway Station to Knightwick School, to help with its construction.
Also that later on in his life he had an income from letting his house.


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Leamington Spa Courier - 8th March, 1929.

We congratulate M. Grubham on her recent appointment to the post of Gymnastics Mistress at the Leamington Central Girls' School.

Death of Lucy Mary Grubham and also her mother Betsy Mary Grubham - (from local newspaper reports).


On the 14th April, 1946 at a Nursing Home, Lucy May, dearly loved only daughter of Mr. Albert William Grubham, of 17, Warwick Place, Leamington Spa, aged 40 years.

Leamington Spa Courier 19 April, 1946.

Death of Miss L. M. Grubham

News of the death of Miss Lucy Mary Grubham at a Leamington nursing home, on Sunday, will be heard with regret in hockey circles. An official of the Lillington Ladies' Hockey Club, she was a member of the selection committee of the Warwickshire Women's Hockey Association, and had played for the Warwickshire Second team. She was a member of staff of the Leamington Central School. Where she was gymnastics mistress for a number of years. She was also a teacher of folk dancing.

Leamington Spa Courier - 26 April, 1946.

The death of Miss Lucy May Grubham at a Leamington nursing home on Sunday will be much regretted in hockey circles. She was an official of the Lillington Ladies Hockey Club and a member of the staff of the Leamington Central School The funeral took place on Wednesday, when a service was held at All Saints, Cemetery Chapel, the Archdeacon of Warwick (Ven. Malcolm Parr) officiating.

The mourners were : A. W. Grubham (father), Mr. H. Grubham (uncle), Mrs. Holland (cousln), Mrs. Wootton (aunt). Mr. F. Jones (cousin), Miss Stones, Miss Walker, Mrs. Dentry, Mrs. Grubham (cousin) Miss G. Hain, Mr. R. Hain, Mrs. G. Hain, Mrs. Duck,and Mr. H. W. Hain.

Among others present were the girls of the Central School. Miss L. Orange (representing Dr. Frank C. Thomas and staff of the Divisional Education Office), Mr. H. Ames, Mr. Brown, Miss Frampton, Mr. Cross, Miss Draper, Miss Townsend, Mrs. Lawson, Mr. H. F. Arnolds, Mrs. A. B. Blower (representing the First-Aid Post), Mrs. Whithead and Mrs. Liggins (representing Lillington Ladles' Hockey Club), Mr. Thompson (N.U.T.), Mr. W. 0.

Taylor (Campion Boys' School), Mr. P. Robinson and Mrs. Butlin (representing the Butlin family).

Wreaths were sent by: Daddy; Pauline Ellard (old scholars); Wellington Ladies' Hockey Cub; Mr. and Mrs, French and Richard; Mr. And Mrs. Ponsomby-Duck, Ellen Davis, Uncle Jim and Auntie Emily; Violet and Victor; from a friend; with love from all the staff; Mr. and Mrs. Stones and Doris; Mrs. Dentry and Daphne Guest; a few old scholars, Cubblington and Leamington; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold; Mrs. Mason and Phyl: Mr. and Mrs. Martin Moore and Mary; Josephine and Graham; Aunt Alice, Uncle Harry and Mabel; Reg and Gwen; from Form 3A; Mr. and Mrs. Clarke and Ma; all at No. 10: Olive and family; from the girls; godchild Joyce; Larry, Lizzie, Bowden and Will; Doris, Frank, Amy and Ted; Lilian and Roll; and Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Marianne. — The funeral arrangements were carried out by H. J. Dawson, Ltd.

Leamington Spa Courier - 15 January, 1943.


We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Betsy Mary Grubham, wife of Mr. Albert William Grubham of 17, Warwick Place, Leamington, which occurred at her residence on Saturday at the age of 75 years. The funeral took place on Wednesday. A service, conducted by Canon Rolfe (Vicar of All Saints') was held

in All Saints' Cemetery Chapel.

The mourners who attended were:— Mr. A. W. Grubham (husband), Miss Grubham (daughter), Mr. Frank Arnall and Mr. Francis Arnall (nephews), Mrs. Francis Arnold (niece), Mr. H. Grubham and Mr. W. Jones (brothers-in-law), Mrs. Wootton and Mrs. W. Jones (sisters-in-law), Nurse Frye, Mrs. Duck, Mr. R. Hain, Miss Hain, Mrs. W. Hain. Mrs. Compton Rev. C. P. Stammers, Miss Southey, and Mrs. Dentry.

Following is a lis;.-of wreaths:— "To darling Mother in loving memory, from Daddy and May "; Francis, Vera and Sheila; Ken; Mary and Ann; Frank and Emily; Aunt Lucy, Lizzie, Uncle Harry and Jim; Doris and Reg; F. and D. Ponsomby-Duck; Staff of the Central School; Cath; Mr. and Mrs Dentry and Mr. and Mrs. Guest; Mr Riley; Mr. Curtis; all the Hain family; and Olive. — The funeral arrangements were made by H J. Dawson Ltd.