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Reginald Lloyd Jones married Gwendoline Nellie Coles Daughter of Mr & Mrs W. C. Coles, at St. Peter's Church, Bromyard, Herefordshire. On Tuesday the 31st January, 1928 at 3.00pm in the afternoon. Their reception was held at the house in the photograph Winholme Villas, Bromyard.


Doris Eliza Jones (later Holland) was a bridesmaid to her brother Reg and wife Gwen. Philip Rowland Jones (Reg's brother) is behind them with their mum Lucy (Grubham) Jones, (barely visible) then Reg's other brother Francis Cuthbert Jones, Mr William Charles Coles (Brides father), John William Jones (Bridegrooms father), Gwen's sister, Irene (Renee) Constance Louise Coles (bridesmaid). Mrs Bessie Clara (Turner) Coles is standing next to Rene. I do not know who the man is by the window or the two ladies directly in front of Frank, the one who is hidden with only her hat showing is probably Lucy (Grubham) Jones.



I have the following information from Reg's oldest son Norman Lloyd Jones. "Dad lived in Tipton, because he drew the short straw one Bonfire night, lighting some gunpowder concoction. He was very lucky to escape being severally burnt, and the place where he lit the powder became known locally as 'Gunpowder Alley'. Dad also worked in Tipton before working for his future father-in-law W. C. Coles in the then largest grocers in Bromyard, where of course he met my mother Gwendoline Nellie Coles.