Doris, Frank, Amy and Annie   Wedding Info  

Francis Cuthbert Jones (25) married Amy Court (32) of Doddenham, Wednesday, 6th April, 1927 at Doddenham Church, Worcestershire. Doris Eliza Jones (18) and Amy's sister Annie Jane Court were the bridesmaids. Amy's father was Richard Court (a gardener) The witness' were Reginald Lloyd Jones, Doris Eliza Jones (brother and sister of bridegroom), Annie Jane Court (the brides sister) and John Tomkins. Photo was taken at Knightwick Post Office.


Text from the Worcester Berrows Journal, Saturday 23rd April 1927. As you can see the church they married in was St Andrew's Church, Doddenham. This church no longer exists and was taken down many years ago and replaced by St Mary Magdalene at Knightwick (still in the parish of Doddenham) that has now been sold, such a pity.



Photo Berrows Worcester Journal (Gratis Supplement) Saturday, 23rd April, 1927.
Worcester Record Office has bound copies of the Journals and you can view this photograph there.

(01) George Joseph Petty (married Fanny below in 1928) (poss.)
(02) Fanny May (Jones) Hayward (widow of Charles Hayward) (poss.)
(06) Emily (Mason) Grubham (wife of James Grubham)
(07) Alice Mary (Baker) Grubham (groom's auntie)
(08) Miss Heath (poss.)
(13) Francis Cuthbert Jones (bridegroom) aged 25
(14) Reginald Lloyd Jones (bridegroom's brother) aged 23
(15) Amy (Court) Jones (bride) aged 32
(16) Esther Elizabeth (Grubham) Flowers (Widow of Nathaniel Flowers)
(17) Rowland Philip Jones (bridegroom's brother) aged 22
(18) Gwendoline Nellie Coles (married Reg in 1928) aged 22
(19) James Grubham (bridegroom's uncle) aged 46
(20) John Tomkins (Who gave the Bride away)

(21) Mrs Tomkins
(22) Lydia Flowers (poss.)
(23) Claude Flowers (poss.)
(24) Norah Mary Hayward (bridegrooms cousin) aged 17 (poss.)
(25) John William Jones (bridegroom's father) aged 50
(26) Lucy (Grubham) Jones (bridegrooms mother) aged 51
(27) Doris Eliza Jones (bridesmaid and bridegroom's sister) aged 18
(28) Annie Jane Court (bridesmaid and bridesmaid's sister)
(29) Philip Grubham (bridegroom's grandfather) aged 80
(30) Betty Grubham (poss.)
(31) Mary Grubham (poss.)
(32) Doris Winifred Hayward (bridegrooms cousin) aged 7
(34) Mabel Lloyd Hayward (bridegrooms cousin) aged 10

Unfortunately I do not know all of the people in this photo. They are numbered left to right, first all standing, then all sitting and then the children sitting in front. Use the list to identify them. Where I am unsure I have put (poss.) after the name.