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  Philip Grubham and Gordon Jones  

Gordon Jones

Gordon, probably at the back of his parent's house, Broadwas Garage, Worcestershire. Could be his father's car in the background. He's sitting by one of the old type hip baths. I remember that we used to have two of these hanging in the big shed at my home, The Post Office, Knightwick, Worcester.


Philip Grubham and his great-grandson, Gordon Philip Lloyd Jones, outside The Laurels, Ankerdine Hill. Knightwick, Worcestershire. Philip Grubham was Gordon's great-grandfather.
One of Philip's daughters was Lucy Grubham who married John William Jones and their son was Gordon's father, Francis Cuthbert Jones. Gordon was my cousin.

When I was young we used the newer tin baths. Later we had a bath in our smaller kitchen, which still had to be filled with hot water from an electric free standing boiler. It was a long time before we had a proper bathroom upstairs with running hot and cold water and a toilet. Until that happened we still used the outside toilet!



  Mabel, Ted and Gordon  

Lucy and Gordon

Lucy (Grubham) Jones holding her grandson Gordon in her arms. Photograph probably taken at the same time as those with Gordon's other great-grandfather, John Lloyd Jones and grandfather, John William Jones. At Knightwick, Post Office, Worcestershire


Eggs for sale, minerals and chocolates, teas, pure ices and even cycles stored!
Knightwick was a haven in those years. Many Birmingham people came at the weekends, and mum Doris Eliza (Jones) Holland would help her parents, my grandparents, Lucy (Grubham) Jones and John William Jones, to run the Post Office and shop.
Mum and Dad moved to Bridgenorth after they were married.
Mabel Grubham lived at home with her parents Henry Grubham and Alice Mary (Baker) Grubham,at 2. Old Road, Clifton-on-Teme, Worcestershire.
Gordon lived with his parents, Francis Cuthbert Jones and Amy (Court) Jones, at Broadwas Garage, Worcestershire (3 miles from Knightwick).
The photo left to right: Mabel Grubham, John Edward Holland, Gordon Philip Lloyd Jones.

I couldn't resist putting this photograph in to the story. I found it as an old negative and tidied it up in Photoshop. The photo shows the front of the Post Office Knightwick. Gordon was born in 1927, so I guess that if he was about 10 years of age that this would be circa 1937-38. Mum and Dad (Doris Eliza Jones and John Edward Holland) married in 1938. Mabel, (Gordon's second cousin), would be circa 30 years old and my dad, (Gordon's uncle by marriage), would be circa 29 years old.