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  Doreen Donald Wedding  

William Charles Coles, 29 years old,bachelor.
Job: Grocer.
Address: Shockerwick Lodge, Bathford, Somerset.
Married: Bessie Clara Turner, 27 years old, spinster.
Address: Shockerwick Lodge, Bathford, Somerset
On: Wednesday, 13th September, 1899.
At: St Swithen's Church, Bathford, Somerset.
Fathers: William George Coles, Labourer-printer? and John Austen Turner, Turner (Deceased?).
Vicar: Alan Edward Gardner
In the presence of: John Austin Turner (brother of Bessie?) and Maria Coles sister of Willie?).

Willie and Bessie had three daughters:
Irene Constance Louise Coles b. 1902
Gwendoline Nellie Coles b. 24th October 1904
Vera Bessie Primrose Coles b. 19th April 1906

See the Census:
1881 Bessie Clara Turner
1891 Bessie Clara Turner
1871 Willie Charles Coles
1881 Willie Charles Coles
1891 Willie Charles Coles
1901 William Charles and Bessie Clara (Turner) Coles
1911 William Charles and Bessie Clara (Turner) Coles


See there Marriage Certificate:
Willie and Bessie 13th September 1899 Marriage Certificate

George and Vera 10th October 1933 Marriage Certificate

See Bessie's Baptisement:
13th August 1871 Bessie Clara Turner

  Donald and Doreen Wedding  

This is George Russell Covington with his (girlfriend) wife Vera Bessie Primrose (Coles) Covington.
They married on the 10th October 1933, George's father was William Francis Thomas Covington.
Vera died in June 1990, at Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

In front is Vera's mother Bessie Clara Coles.

I think the girl on left is her other daughter, Irene Constance Louise Coles, also known as Rene.