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Graham & Belinda (Courtney) Holland

Graham John Holland
Born: Sunday, 15th March, 1942.
At: Worcester.
Baptised: 19th April 1942
At: Knightwick Church
Parents: John Edward & Doris Eliza Holland.
Address: 4 Council House, Lulsley, Worcestershire.
Father's Occupation: Machineist.
Married: Belinda Margaret Courtney
On: Tuesday, 18th December, 1962.
At: St. Peter's Church, Bromyard, Herefordshire. (View Certificate)
Died: Thursday, 11th September, 1997.
Buried: St Peters , Bromyard.

Andrew Charles Holland
Born: Saturday, 25th May, 1963.
At: Ronkswood Hospital, Worcester.
Baptised: 11th August, 1963
At: St. Peters, Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Father's Trade: Glove Cutter.
Address: 12, Broadstreet, Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Vicar: R. H. Hill

Sarah Jane Holland
Born: Tuesday, 3rd February, 1970.
At: Ronkswood Hospital' Worcester.
Baptised: Sunday, 5th July, 1970.
At; Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
Father's Trade: Glove Cutter.


Married: Ann Elizabeth Passey
On: 1983
At: Bromyard Registry Office, Herefordshire.

Victoria Elizabeth Holland
Born:Wednesday, 9th October, 1985.
Baptised: Sunday, 24th August, 1986.
At: Knightwick Church, Worcestershire.
Father's Trade: Glove Cutter.

I haven't many photos of this wedding. Dad, John Edward Holland is directing things on the right and Mrs Courtney, Lin's mum is next to him, behind her is her daughter Ann (Courtney) Littlewood. In the background is Uncle Frank, (Francis Cuthbert Jones) and far left is Mary (Doman) Jones, (who married my grandfather, John William Jones).

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