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Doris Lucy Mabel

Mabel unknown children

Here is a lovely photograph of Doris Winifred Hayward and Mabel Lloyd Hayward with their aunt, Lucy (Grubham) Jones.

The photo was taken on the lawn at the Post Office, Knightwick, Worcestershire.

Mabel and Doris spent a lot of their time here with their Uncle and Aunty, who ran the Post Office. When Mabel married she was working as an assistant at the Post Office.

Here is a photograph of Mabel at the Post Office, Knightwick. I do not know who the children are, so if any one knows please contact me.


Mabel and Doris


Mabel and her cousin ( Doris Eliza (Jones) Holland), seen here dressed as Bride and Bridegroom. They may have been going to a fancy dress competition, or perhaps to a fancy dress ball.


Mabel, looking very dapper. The house is the Post Office at Knightwick and it was here that Mabel and her younger sister Doris lived with their uncle and aunty John William Jones and Lucy (Grubham) Jones.