This was an interesting set of documents and apart from two people gives you where every one was living in 1939. It becomes quite an important document as the register unlike census forms has the date of birth of everyone. Of special importance is *Sidney Ralph Ganderton, who three years later married Mabel Lloyd Hayward. They then moved next door to Sid's older brother Tom and his wife Edna, who was one of three daughters of the landlord of the Royal Oak at Broadwas.

Brook Farm
Charles Sidney Ganderton, b. 18th November 1876 - Farmer.
Agnes Elizabeth (Furnival) Ganderton, b. 10th September 1880 - Unpaid Domestic Duties.
Charles Percy Ganderton, b. 23rd December 1909 - Agricultural Worker, Tractor Driver.
*Sidney Ralph Ganderton, b. 23rd October 1913 - Agricultural Worker, Assisting Father.
Joan Kathleen Ganderton, b.11th May 1920 - Domestic Duty.
Edgar Wiliam Ganderton, b. 11th May 1920 - Agricultural Worker, Assisting Father.
Kathleen M. Mersey, b. 14th January 1911 - Unpaid Domestic Duties.
Terence G. Mersey, b. 17th August 1938 - Under School Age.
Gerald A. Wood, b. 8th March 1928 - At School.

Stone Farm
Charles Henry Ganderton, b. 19th November 1899 - Farmer (Special Constable).
Albert Edward Ganderton, b. 28th September 1901 - Tractor Driver, Cowman & Assisting Brother.
Winifred Edith Ganderton, b. 12th December 1904 - House Keeper, Assisting Brother.
Emmeline Edith (Smith) Ganderton, b. 18th June 1872 - Incapasitated (Widow).

Stoney Ley - Council Houses
Thomas Leonard Ganderton, b. 21st March 1908 - Carpenter.
Edna May (Hood) Ganderton, b 22nd March 1908 - Unpaid Domestic Duties.

Lower Gurnocks Farm

Fredrick Thomas Ganderton, b. 10th May 1903 - Farmer (Special Constable).
Caroline H. (Badger) Ganderton, b. 18th July 1900 - Unpaid Domestic Duties.
Michael Thomas Ganderton, b. 26th February 1932 - At School.
Alice Harriet Hobday, b. 12th February 1877 - Unpaid Domestic Duties.
Violet Lilian Hobday, b. 13th July 1908 - Music Teacher.
Amelia Flint, b. 6th June 1852 - Unpaid Domestic Duties (Widow).
(The Hobday's were related to the Ganderton family).


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