Relationship to Philip Holland

William and Elizabeth Grubham were my Great - Great Grandparents. Their son Phillip married Eliza Bury and they were my Great Grandparents

Philip Grubham - Born: 9th May, 1846. - Baptized: Whitbourne.
Eliza Grubham - Born: 22nd January, 1851. - Baptized: Tenbury.

Their Children:-

Albert William Grubham - Born: 28th November, 1873.
Lucy Grubham - Born: 13th January, 1876.
Esther Elizabeth Grubham - Born: 15th April, 1877.
Fanny Grubham - Born: 9th March, 1879.
James Grubham - Born: 28th February, 1881.
Henry Grubham - Born: 3rd May, 1883.
All Baptized at Knightwick

Lucy Grubham married John William Jones and they were my Grandparents.

Their Children:-

Francis Cuthbert Jones - Born: 13th November 1901.
Reginald Lloyd Jones - Born: 12th April, 1904.
Philip Rowland Jones - Born: 14th November, 1905.
Doris Eliza Jones - Born: 14th May,1909. (My Mother)

Albert William Grubham married Betsy Mary Arnall. Lucy May Grubham was their daughter.

Lucy May Grubham - Born: 16th May, 1905. - Baptized: 5th August, 1906, Knightwick, by the rector, J. B. Wilson. Her father was a Butler at the time and they were living in Towcester, Northhants.

Henry Grubham married Alice Mary Baker. Mabel Grubham was their daughter.

Mabel Grubham - Born: 12th November, 1908. - Baptized: 20th December, 1908 at Knightwick, by the rector, j. B. Wilson. Her father's occupation at the time was labourer and they were living at Derby's Common, Doddenham.


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