Relationship to Philip Holland

Fanny Grubham - Died: 5th June, 1879. (3 months old)
Fanny was a daughter of Philip and Eliza (Berry) Grubham (my Grandparents).

Elizabeth Berry - Died: 12th September, 1886.

James Berry - Died: 19th January, 1887.
Elizabeth and James were the parents of Eliza Berry (sometimes written as Bury) They were my Great-great Grandparents too.

Elizabeth (Daniell) Grubham - Died: 9th March, 1915.
Wife of William Grubham, Mother of Philip Grubham and my Great-great Grandmother.

Hannah Williams - Died: 13th November, 1918.
Philip Grubham's sister and married to James Williams. (Possibly a step sister as she was born to Philip's mother Elizabeth Daniell in 1842, before she married William Grubham in 1845)

Alice Spreckley - Died: 1st May 1911.

Mary (Berry) Dunn - Died: 20th May, 1912.
Sister to my Great Grandmother, Eliza Berry.

Eliza (Berry) Grubham - Died: 7th January, 1923.
Philip Grubham's wife and my Great Grandmother.

Nathaniel Flowers - Died: 24th September, 1925.
One of my Great Uncles and first Husband to Esther Elizabeth Grubham.

Philip Grubham - Died: 17th April, 1934.
My Great Grandfather

Mary Grubham - Died: January 1943.
This is Betsy Mary Arnall, who married (my Great Uncle Bert) Albert William Grubham.

May Grubham - Died: 14th April, 1946.
This is the daughter of Albert William and Betsy Mary Grubham

Esther Elizabeth (Grubham) (Flowers) Wooton - Died: Sept. Aug. 1947.
Philip and Eliza Grubham's daughter and my Great Aunt. She married twice, first to Nathaniel Flowers and when he died she married Bawden Wooton.

Lucy (Grubham) Jones - Died: 12th June, 1951.
Philip and Eliza Grubham's daughter and my Grandmother

John William Jones - Died: 9th December, 1956
My Grandfather, and married first to Lucy Grubham. When she died he remarried to, Mary Doman.

James Grubham - Died: 27th December, 1958.
Philip and Eliza Grubham's son and my Great Uncle Jim. He was married to Emily Mason.

Emily (Mason) Grubham - Died: 4th February, 1960.
One of my Great Aunts and married to James Grubham.

Henry Grubham - Died: 29th November, 1964.
Philip and Eliza Grubham's son and my Great Uncle Harry. He was married to Alice Mary Baker.

Albert William Grubham - Died: 8th February, 1964.
Philip and Eliza Grubham's son and my Great Uncle Bert. He was married to Betsy Mary Arnall.

Doris Eliza (Jones) Holland - Died: 27th November, 1974.
My Mother and married to John Edward Holland. (John and Lucy Jones' daughter).

John Edward Holland - Died: 28th October, 1980.
My Father and married to Doris Eliza Jones.




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