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  Reg, Frank and Roly  

These are the three sons of John William Jones and Lucy Jones.
Left to right Reginald Lloyd Jones, Francis Cuthbert Jones and Philip Rowland Jones. (My mum's three brothers)


Frank Jones

  Reg Jones  

Frank served in the Airforce. I do not know if that was in the war, or if he flew aircraft. Frank married Amy Court from Doddenham and they lived at Broadwas Garage, Worcestershire.

Francis Cuthbert Jones
Born: 13th November, 1901.
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Baptised: 26th January, 1902.
At: St Mary's Church, Knightwick, Worcester.
Rector: J. B. Wilson
Father: John William Jones.
Occupation: Baker.
Address: Cardiff
Married: Amy Court.
marriage certificate
At: Doddenham, Worcester.
On the: 6th April, 1927.
Frank aged 25, Postman, Knightwick, Worcestershire.
Amy, aged 32, Lady's Maid, The Gaines, Whitbourne, Herefordshire.
Vicar: W. S. Floydd-Radcliffe.
Fathers': John William Jones, Sub-Postmaster, Knightwick Post Office.
Richard Court, Gardener.
Witness': Regal Lloyd Jones, Doris Eliza Jones, Annie Jane Court and John Tomkins.



Reg served in the police force in Wolverhampton.
This was his full-time job. Reg married Gwendoline
Nellie Coles. They lived at 62 Scribers Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham 28.

Reginald Lloyd Jones
Born: 12th April, 1904.
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Baptised: 9th June, 1904.
At: St Johns the Baptist, Worcester.
Curate: C. R. Martyn.
Father: John William Jones.
Occupation: Butcher.
Address: 3 Carter's Villas, Bozward Street, Worcester.
Married:Gwendoline Nellie Coles
marriage certificate
At: St Peter's Church, Bromyard Herefordshire
On the: 31st January, 1928.
Reg, aged 27, Policeman.St Martin's, Birmingham.
Gwen, aged 28.Winholme Villas, Bromyard.
Assistant Priest: Thomas Laurence
Fathers': John William Jones, Sub-Postmaster,
Knightwick Post Office.
W. J. Coles, Grocer, Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Witness': Philip Rowland Jones (Groom's brother) William Charles Coles (Bride's father) Vera Mari Coles (Bride's sister) and Lucy (Grubham) Jones (Groom's mother)