John and Jane Holland

John and Rose Holland

See Marriage Certificates of siblings:-

Gertrude May Holland
Dorothy Beatrice Holland
John Edward Holland
Hilda Irene Holland
Minnie Holland
Ivy Florence Holland


John Holland


Sidney Arthur Cox, 20 years old, bachelor.
Job: Fitter.
Address: 26 Bucks Street, Worcester
Married: Minnie Holland, 19 years old, spinster.
Job: Tile Worker.
Address:38 Carden Street, Worcester.
On: 12th November, 1932.
At: St. Paul's Church, Worcester.
Fathers: Alfred Cox, Engineer and John Holland, Bricklayer.
Vicar: Joseph Balanforth.
In the presence of: *Richard Obrey and **Samuel Wilde.

*Richard Harvey Obrey married Minnie's sister, Dorothy Beatrice Holland.
(It may have been his father that signed as the witness as he was also called Richard Obrey).

**Samuel Wilde married Minnie's sister Hilda Irene Holland.

Minnie, Dorothy and Hilda were sisters to my father, John Edward Holland.

In the 1939 Register:
Sidney Arthur Cox.
Born: 7th April1912.
Occupation: Fitter Coal Mining Machinery (Heavy Worker). AFS Worcester.

Minnie Cox.
Born: 10th November 1914.
Occupation: UDD. Unpaid Domestic Services.

Address: 49 Winchester Avenue, Worcester.
(One other lived at this address).


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