John and Jane Holland

John and Rose Holland

See Marriage Certificates of siblings:-

Gertrude May Holland
Dorothy Beatrice Holland
John Edward Holland
Hilda Irene Holland
Minnie Holland
Ivy Florence Holland


John Holland


Samuel George Wilde, 21 years old, bachelor.
Occupation: Glazier.
Address: 1 Fairburn Avenue, Worcester.
Married: Hilda Irene Holland, 20 years old, spinster,
Occupation: Machinist,
Address: 38 Carden Street, Worcester.
On: 9th July , 1932.
At: St Paul's Church, Worcester.
Fathers: John Wilde, Carpet Weaver and John Holland, Bricklayer.
Vicar: Joseph Balanforth.
In the presence of: John Holland and Edward Cheese.

Hilda was married to Sam and had a son Brindley.
Sam worked at Worcester porcelain.
When I knew them Sam was working for a Funeral Directors.

Brindley Samuel William Wilde
Born: 18th June, 1936.
Baptised: 2nd August, 1936.
Father: Samuel George Wilde.
Occupation: Gloss China Placer.
Address: 39 Carden Street, Worcester.
Rector: L. E. W. Pike.

In the 1939 Register:
Samuel George Wilde.
Born: 11th August 1910.
Occupation: Glost Placer Heavy Worker. (Auxillaryt Fire Service).

Hilda Irene Wilde.
Born: 2nd March 1912. UDD.

Brindley Samuel William Wilde
Born: 18th June, 1936.
Under School Age.

Address: 39 Carden Street, Worcester.
(One other lived at this address). .

Brindley"s brother?

My Sister Josephine believes this to be a photo of Brindley's brother.

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