John and Jane Holland

John and Rose Holland

See Marriage Certificates of siblings:-

Gertrude May Holland
Dorothy Beatrice Holland
John Edward Holland
Hilda Irene Holland
Minnie Holland
Ivy Florence Holland


John Holland


John Edward Holland, 28 years old, bachelor.
Job: Railway Porter.
Address: The Post Office, Knightwick, Worcester.
Married: Doris Eliza Jones, 28 years old, spinster.
Job: Post Office Assistant.
Address: The Post Office, Knightwick, Worcester.
On: 16th April, 1938.
At: St Mary's Church, Knightwick, Worcester.
Fathers: John Holland, Bricklayer.and John William Jones, Postmaster.
Vicar: J. R. Burne
In the presence of: John William Jones (Bride's Father) and Gertrude Hayes (Bridegroom's Sister).

The above certificate was a photocopy taken at the Public Records Office in Worcester. It had lots of lines and black areas all over, I used photoshop to scan it in and then carefully removed all the excess black areas.

This is my Mother and Father.

In the 1939 Register:
John Edward Holland.
Born: 19th December 1909.
Occupation: Railway Porter.

Doris ElizaHolland.
Born: 14th May 1909.
Occupation: UDD. Unpaid Domestic Duties.

Address: 1 Laurel Villas, Bridgenorth, Shropshire.
(Two others lived at this address)
Josephine Lucy Holland (Would have been one of them)
Born: Wednesday, 5th April, 1939, Bridgenorth.

Mum & Dad
John Edward Holland & Doris Eliza (Jones) Holland on their wedding day.

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