John and Jane Holland

John and Rose Holland

See Marriage Certificates of siblings:-

Gertrude May Holland
Dorothy Beatrice Holland
John Edward Holland
Hilda Irene Holland
Minnie Holland
Ivy Florence Holland


John Holland


George James Hayes, 22 years old, bachelor.
Occupation: Private, 8th Worcester Regiment.
Address: 31 Hylton Road, Worcester.
Married: Gertrude May Holland, 21 years old, spinster.
Address: 20 Carden Street, Worcester.
On: 29th November, 1915.
At: Worcester, Register Office.
Fathers: Charles Hayes, Bailmaker and John Holland, Sapper, Royal Engineers.
Registrar: George Everton.
In the presence of: C. H. Bourne and E. Morris.

The marriage took place at Worcester Register Office unlike all her sisters and my father who had church weddings.

Gertrude May Hayes. (Married again, 31st January, 1968, to Charles J. F. Kane). Found this out because the 1939 register overwrites with the new married name and date it occured.

In the 1939 Register:
George James Hayes.
Born: 13th December 1895.
Occupation: Tent Maker (Heavy Duties)

Gertrude May (Kane) Hayes.
Born: 26th May 1897.
Occupation: UDD. (Unpaid Domestic Services).

Cecil Hayes.
Born: 3rd April 1916.
Occupation: Dairy Rounds Man, Driver Heavy Worker (Singe).

Edward Hayes.
Born: 15th August 1917.
Occupation: Dairy Rounds Man, Driver Heavy Worker (Singe).

William Hayes. (Billy)
Born: 12 October 1925.
Occupation: At School (Single).

Address: 17 Hanbury Avenue, Worcester.
(Two others lived at this address)

Gertrude (Holland) Hayes
Gertrude May (Holland) Hayes
My aunty, and my father's sister

Also in the 1939 Register, I found possibly, George James Hayes brother and wife:

Joseph J Hayes.
Born: 23rd December 1899.
Occupation: Quantity Surveyor & Building Estimator.

Gladys D. Hayes
Born: 11th April 1903.
Occupation: UDD. (Unpaid Domestic Services).

16 Stanmore Road, Worcester.


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