John and Jane Holland

John and Rose Holland

See Marriage Certificates of siblings:-

Gertrude May Holland
Dorothy Beatrice Holland
John Edward Holland
Hilda Irene Holland
Minnie Holland
Ivy Florence Holland


John Holland


John Holland,.23 years old, bachelor.
Job: Builder.
Address: 33 Great hampton Row, Birmingham, Warwick.
Married: Jane Ingram, 23 years old, spinster.
On: 24th July , 1870.
At: St George's Church, Birmingham, Warwick.
Address: 35 Great hampton Row, Birmingham, Warwick.
Fathers: William Holland, Blacksmith.and William Ingram, Jeweller.
Curate: J. R. Burne
In the presence of: Thomas Bishop and Harriet Bishop.

The above certificate applied for from Superintendent Registrar, Birmingham Register Office, 300 Broadstreet, Birmingham, B1 2DE

The above record is of my Great-grandparents John Holland and Jane (Ingram) Holland.

One of their children was my Grandfather also John Holland, who married Rose Ellen Rouse.

And one of their children was John Edward Holland, who married Doris Eliza Jones. (My father and mother).

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