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Fanny, George and Leslie

Fanny May (Jones) (Hayward) Petty and her second husband George Joseph Petty, who she married after the death of her first husband Charles Hayward with their son Leslie George Petty.

The photograph was dated on the back as 29th April, 1944. This would make Fanny (57), George (43) and Leslie (15).

There is no information on what happened to Charles Hayward.

George Joseph Petty was 46 years old when he died, three years after this photograph was taken from Cysticercosis on the 14th August, 1947.

Fanny May died 9 weeks later on the 17th October 1947. And was buried at Knightwick Chapel, Worcestershire.

See Death Certificates:-
George Joseph Petty
Fanny May (Jones) (Hayward) Petty

In the 1939 Register Fanny and George Petty were living at 1 Primrose Cottages, Woodcote, Nr. Bromsgrove. The following was given:-

Petty Joseph G. - b. 6th January 1900 - Farm Labourer.
Petty May F. - b. 1st March 1987 - Housework.
Two more records were officially closed, but I'm sure these would have been Norah May Hayward and Leslie George Petty.

By 1947 when both Fanny and George died they were living at 5 Hanbury Wharf, Droitwich.


Norah and Mabel

Doris Winifred Hayward and Mabel Lloyd Hayward. They may be on the Malvern Hills or even on the Knob at the top of Ankerdine Hill, Knightwick. They both lived at the Post Office Knightwick, with their uncle and aunt, John William Jones and Lucy (Grubham) Jones, my grandparents. Their sister Norah May Jones lived with her mother, Fanny May (Jones) (Hayward) Petty. Norah later married John Robert Roberts and moved to Birmingham.



Here Doris and Mabel are in the arms of their grandmother Lucy (Grubham) Jones at the Post Office Knightwick