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Doris and Mabel










Mabel Lloyd Hayward and her sister Doris Winifred Hayward.

This photo shows them outside what may have been where they lived, when their mother Fanny May (Jones) Hayward was married to George Petty.

So this would be, Wold Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire and on the right is an old photograph of how it used to look.

Mabel was born in 1917, I'm guessing that she is about 9 years old and Doris 6 years old, making this photo circa 1926.
If so this would be 2 years before their mother married George Petty.

Doris, Leslie, Fanny and Mabel

Doris Winifred Hayward, Leslie George Petty, Fanny May (Jones) (Hayward) Petty and Mabel Lloyd Hayward, holding a dog.
Photo probably taken in the spring of 1931.

Leslie was born on the 7th October 1929, and so Mabel would be 12 Doris 9 and Leslie 18 months approx. Behind them is Halesend Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire.

Wold Cottage

This was a photo of Wold Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire, taken by the work men in 1988 before it was rebuilt and extended (Many thanks to Tricia Fouque, who now lives there, January 2004).

This is probably where the photograph on the left, of Mabel and Doris Hayward was taken.

Fanny May Jones married Charles Hayward on 13th February, 1908. At St John in Bedwardine, Worcester.

After he died she married George Joseph Petty
on 3rd December, 1928, at Bromyard Register Office, Herefordshire.

Tricia Fouque has the deeds only going back to 1932 and the people from Wold Farm, Den and Jean Horne also can not remember a Hayward or Petty living there.

Of course Fanny May and her first husband may or may not have lived there, however the marriage certificate for Fanny May to George Petty states that their residence at the time of the marriage was Wold Cottage.

Also the birth certificate for Leslie George Petty,
Born: 7th October 1929 is Wold Cottage, Cradley.

When his sister Josephine May Petty was born, 25th September 1931, they were all living at Halesend Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire.

Below Wold Cottage now.
(photo taken on the 28th August 2003).

Wold Cottage

The photo on the left is of Doris Winifred Hayward, an unknown boy and Mabel Lloyd Hayward. In the photograph, Doris and Mabel are wearing similar clothes to the photo above, so this was probably taken the same year, or even the same day.

The family were living at Wold Cottage, Cradley, near Bromyard, Herefordshire, (a black and white cottage) when Fanny and George married, and where their son Leslie George Petty was born, on the 7th October 1929.

The house in this and the above photos is most likely to be Halesend Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire.

It is quite possible that in the photograph above that Fanny May is pregnant and expecting a daughter, Josephine May Petty. If so then this would have been Halesend Cottage, Cradley, Worcestershire (where Josephine was born on the 25th September 1931). Josephine died aged 3 months on Tuesday, 22nd December, 1931.