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Harry and Alice Grubham

Henry, Alice, Lucy and Mab

I think that the first person is Elizabeth Mabel Baker (Alice's sister) she may also have been called Aunt Mab (because of her middle name?). Next to her is their mother, Lucy Baker, then Henry Grubham and his wife Alice Mary (Baker) Grubham. They are all standing in the garden at, the Post Office, Knightwick, Worcestershire, where I was born.

Henry Grubham and his wife Alice (Baker) Grubham.

1881 James Baker

1891 Lucy Baker

1901 Lucy Baker

1901 Alice Baker

1911 Henry & Alice Grubham

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Reationship to Philip Holland: Henry Grubham was my Great Uncle Harry, his sister Lucy Grubham married John William Jones and their daughter Doris Eliza Jones was my mother. I have included my Great Aunt Alice's family as they were quite close to the Jones family. I also have photographs of Aunt Alice's family and hopefully they will be of use to her brother and sister's familys', who may be researching their genealogy. I have done quite a bit of research and now have census information, which has helped a great deal.

The 1881 has Lucy Baker's husband James Baker. He is not mentioned in any other census forms. His youngest daughter, Annie H. Baker, was 5 years old in the 1891 Census. So he probably died between 1886 and 1891.

1881 Census R.G. 11/1728

Name Title Age Occupation
Place of Birth
James Baker
Loughton, Essex.
Lucy Baker Wife 38   St. Osyth, Essex.
James Baker Son 8   Wanstead Essex.
Alice M. Baker Daughter 2   Wanstead Essex.
Elizabeth Baker Daughter 5 days   Wanstead Essex.
Address: Hale Road Cottages, George Lane, Wanstead, Essex.