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1851 John Jones
1861 John Jones
1871 John Jones
1881 John Jones
1891 John Jones
1901 John Jones

1881 John Lloyd Jones
1891 John Lloyd Jones
1901 John Lloyd Jones

1901 John William Jones
1911 John William Jones
1911 Annie E. Jones
1911 Fanny May Jones

1851 William Ellison
1861 William Ellison

1871 William Ellison
1881 William Ellison
1891 William Ellison

1901 Mary E. Davies
1911 Mary E. Davies
1901 Joseph L. Doman
1911 Joseph L. Doman

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Relationship to Philip Holland

John and Catherine (Lloyd) Jones were my Great-great Grandparents.

William and Ann Ellison were my Great-great Grandparents too.

John Jones son John Lloyd Jones married William and Ann's daughter Harriet Ellison and they were my Great Grandparents.

John Lloyd Jones son John William Jones married Lucy Grubham from Doddenham, Worcestershire and they were my Grandparents.

There daughter Doris Eliza Jones married John Edward Holland and they were my mother and father.

John Jones was a Head Gardner and obviously taught his son John Lloyd Jones all about gardening. John Lloyd Jones is seen on some of the marriage certificates of his children as a Gardener / Landscaper.

1901 Census R.G.13/2746
RG13 Piece 2746 Folio 48 Page 18 Schedule No. 111

Address: 35 Cromwell Street, Dudley, Worcestershire. Ecclesiastical Parish: St. John.

Thomas Davies (Head)
Age: 43
Occupation: Iron Worker Born: Worcs, Dudley.

Mary A, Davies (Wife)
Age: 38
Occupation: Undefined
Born: Staffs, Walsall.

James Mass (Stepson)
Age: 17
Occupation: Belt Maker's Apprentice.
Born: Worcs, Dudley.

Lily Davies (Daughter)
Age: 11
Born Worcs, Dudley.

Diana Davies (Daughter)
Aged: 4
Born: Worcs, Dudley.

Mary E. Davies (Daughter)
Age: 11 Months
Born: Worcs, Dudley.

1911 Census.

Address: No. 4, White House Street, Tipton, Staffordshire, Burnt Tree.

Thomas Davies (Head)
Age: 54
Occupation: Labourer, General Ironfounders.
Born: Dudley, Worcestershire.

Mary Davies (Wife)
Age: 48
Occupation: Undefined
Born: Wasall, Stafordshire.

Mary Davies (Daughter)
Age: 11
Born: Dudley, Worcestershire.

This is the most likey family (and the only Mary Davies in the right area at the right age) Mary was 52 in 1952 when she married Grandpa. On the Marriage Certificate her full name is Mary Elizabeth Davies (this is probably the E in her name above. Also on the certificate her father's name was Thomas Davies as above, and that he was deceased. (He would have been 94 years old by then if he was still alive and the fact that his job above is given as Iron Worker I wouldn't have thought he would have made that age!

The address given in the census above is only a few miles from 61 Priory Road, Dudley, which is where Mary later married my grandfather, John William Jones.

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