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Above - 1911 Census

1851 John Jones
1861 John Jones
1871 John Jones
1881 John Jones
1891 John Jones
1901 John Jones

1881 John Lloyd Jones
1891 John Lloyd Jones
1901 John Lloyd Jones

1901 John William Jones
1911 John William Jones
1911 Annie E. Jones
1911 Fanny May Jones

1851 William Ellison
1861 William Ellison

1871 William Ellison
1881 William Ellison
1891 William Ellison

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John Lloyd Jones

William Ellison

John William Jones

Fanny May Jones



Relationship to Philip Holland

John and Catherine (Lloyd) Jones were my Great-great Grandparents.

William and Ann Ellison were my Great-great Grandparents too.

John Jones son John Lloyd Jones married William and Ann's daughter Harriet Ellison and they were my Great Grandparents.

John Lloyd Jones daughter Fanny May Jones married Charles Hayward from Little Cowarne, Herefordshire. They were my Grand Uncle and Aunty.

Their daughter Mabel Lloyd Hayward married Sidney Ralph Ganderton and Mabel was my mother's (Doris Eliza Jones) cousin.

Mabel and Sid's children, Jennifer, Margaret, Julia and Roger are my third cousins.

John Jones was a Head Gardner and obviously taught his son John Lloyd Jones all about gardening. John Lloyd Jones is seen on some of the marriage certificates of his children as a Gardener / Landscaper.

1891 Census
Little Cowarne, Bromyard, Herefordshire.

Address: Mill Butts Cottage, Little Cowerne, Herefordshire.

Charles Hayward (Head)
Age: 36
Occupation: Dealer Shop
Born: Little Cowarne Herefordshire.

Emily Eliza Hayward (Wife)
Age: 27
Born: Ledbury, Herefordshire.


Emily Eliza Shayle married Charles Hayward in Dec qtr. 1886 in Worcester.

Emily was born in September qtr. 1863 in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

1871 Emily Eliza Shayle
1881 Emily Eliza Shayle

1891 Charles Hayward
1901 Charles Hayward
1911 Charles Hayward

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Charles Hayward

1901 Census
Cradley, Bromyard, Herefordshire.

Address: Redfield, Cradley, Herefordshire.

Charles Hayward (Head)
Age: 46
Occupation: General Dealer, Shop (Own Account)
Born: Cradley, Herefordshire.

Emily Eliza Hayward (Wife)
Age: 37
Born: Cradley, Herefordshire.


From the Census forms it appears that Emily and Charles never had children.

Emily died in the December qtr. 1906, Ledbury.

This was two years before Charles married again to Fanny May Jones on the 13th February, 1908, in St John's in Bedwardine, Worcester.

On the Marriage Certificate, he is said to be 38 years old. In the 1911 Census, which he would have filled out himself, he says that he is then 50 Years old !

From this census he should have been 53 when he married and 56 on the 1911 Census.

By the time his last child was born (Doris Hayward) in 1920 he would have been 65 years old.

1911 Census
Acton Beauchamp, Worcestershire

Charles Hayward (Head)
Age: 50
Occupation: Dealer Marine Store (Own Account).
Born: Little Cowarne, Herefordshire.

(Fanny) May Hayward (Wife)
Age: 24
Born: Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Norah Hayward (Daughter)
Age: 1
Born: Worcester.


I looked up Dealer Marine Store and it means a scrap metal dealer.

Charles also uses (Own Account), which he also uses in the 1901 Census with his first wife Emily.












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