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Jones Family
Mum is sat in the centre and she married my father John Edward Holland and had my sister Josephine, brother Graham and myself Philip. Mum ran the Post Office and Dad was local Postman and also did part-time decorating and building work. Originally the Telephone Exchange was part of the PO and Mum also sold groceries, ice cream, sweets, cigarettes etc. While dad had a large garden and kept pigs and chickens etc. So we were never short of food.




    Francis Cuthbert Jones   Philip Rowland Jones    Reginald Lloyd Jones
         (Uncle Frank)                  (Uncle Roll)            (Uncle Reg)
           John William Jones    Doris Eliza Jones     Lucy Jones
                  (Grandpa)	          (Mum)           (Grandma)


Grubham and Jones Family


The Family are pictured outside the Laurels, Ankerdine, Knightwick. Grandpa ran the Post Office, Mum took over when he retired. Grandma was nee Grubham Her Mum and Dad were Philip and Eliza Grubham. Uncle Frank lived at Broadwas where he was the owner of Broadwas Garage. He married Amy and had son Gordon and daughter Eilen. Uncle Roll was married to Lillian and lived at Rushwick. Uncle Reg married Gwen and had Doreen, Norman and Edgar.




Back Row: Doris Eliza Jones (my mother), John William Jones (my grandfather), Francis Cuthbert Jones (my uncle), Alice Mary {Baker}Grubham (my great aunt), Henry Grubham (my great uncle), Albert William Grubham (my great uncle), Mabel Grubham (Henry and Alice's daughter),

Front Row: Lucy {Grubham} Jones (my grandmother), Philip Grubham (my great grandfather), Eliza Grubham (my great grandmother), Esther Elizabeth Grubham (my great aunt).

Mum (later Doris Holland) is standing far left. I would say she was about 15 years old when this photograph was taken. Uncle Frank later married Amy Court from Doddenham and lived at Broadwas-on-Teme, where they owned the Petrol Station opposite Broadwas School. This photo was taken at Philip and Eliza, my Great Grandparents home