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Dawn and Michael Baillie

Heather Dawn Baillie
Born: 10th August, 1954.
At: St. George's Hospital, Westminster, London.
Parents: John & Jessie Audrey (Morris) Baillie.
Address: Kings Court Hotel, Bayswater, Paddington, London.
Fathers Occupation: Carpenter, Upholsterer.
Married: Philip Edward Holland
On: Monday, 31st March 1975.
At: St. John's the Baptist Church, Whitbourne, Herefordshire.







This small photo is all I have of Dawn's Christening. Dawn is being held by her grandmother, Winifred (Adams) Morris, her aunty, Jacqueline Meridith is standing in front of Dawn's mother, Jessie Audrey (Morris) Baillie.


Heather Dawn Baillie with her brother Michael Baillie just arriving at Whitbourne Church. Michael gave his sister away in marriage, as their father John Baillie was to ill to attend.

Philip Edward & Heather Dawn (Baillie) Holland, wedding.

Philip Edward Holland and his wife, Heather Dawn Holland, outside Whitbourne Church after their marriage.