Many thanks to Mary,who lives opposite Calverhall Church for allowing me to photograph this page from Kelly's Directory. The original would be harder to read and so I have copied it word for word for this page. On it can be seen "Jones John, head gardener to A. P. Hewood-Lonsdale esq." From the census forms I knew he was a gardener and lived at Cloverley Gardens. The grave stone we found at Calverhall Church actually says that this is where he was living too. The information from the Kelly's Directory backs this up and shows that he was working on the Cloverley Estate. The gravestone of their first children, Thomas Lloyd and Lizzie who died young (Thomas was only 2 years old and died September 6th, 1854) has them living at Cloverley. So from this I would imagine that John jones and his wife Catherine (Lloyd) Jones worked on the estate from at least then untill their deaths. John died March 26th, 1902, aged 73 and Catherine lived on to the ripe old age of 90. She died June 20th, 1917.



The map is showing Calverhall and also Cloverley Hall. Cloverley Gardens, where the Jones family lived, is in the complex of buildings below "Moat"

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