Standing outside 7 Dodington Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire, where John Lloyd Jones and his family lived 114 years ago, are Julia Ganderton and her sister Jennifer Ganderton (my second cousins), we share the same common ancestors of John Lloyd Jones and Harriet (Ellison) Jones our (Great Grandparents) and John and Catherine (Lloyd Jones) our Great-great Grandparents.

7 Dodington Street was the home of John Lloyd Jones, his wife Harriet (Ellison) Jones and their children John William Jones (my Grandfather), Annie Elizabeth Jones (who were born in Congleton) and possibly the birth place of Fanny May Jones (Julia and Jennifer's Grandmother). They were all living here in the 1891 Census.

The house was built in 1651.

Annie Elizabeth Jones who later called herself Winnie and her sister Fanny May Jones were my Great Aunts.

Winnie Jones and John William Jones were Julia and Jennifer's Great Aunt and Great Uncle

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