Original Marriage Certificate John Lloyd Jones & Harriet (Ellison) Jones  
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John Lloyd Jones
My great-grandfather








John Lloyd Jones was my Great-grandfather I have traced him to where I think he was Christened, which was at Calverhall, Shropshire, England on the 22nd November 1857. His father and mother's names were John Jones and Catherine Lloyd. I think this must be him as in the 1881 Census it has his place of birth as Whitchurch, then in the 1901 census as Prees. Prees is 4 miles south of Whitchurch and Calverhall about the same distance south-east. If, he was Christened soon after his birth, then by 1875 he would have been 18 years old? not 21 as on this certificate. Harriet however was 30 years old on the 1881 census, so her age on this certificate is probably correct
1857 Christening of
1875 Marriage
1881 Census
1901 Census
John Lloyd Jones
John Lloyd Jones 21
John Lloyd Jones 23
John Lloyd Jones 42
1850 Birth of
1875 Marriage
1881 Census
1901 Census
Harriett Ellison
Harriett Ellison 25
Harriett (Ellison) Jones 30
Harriett (Ellison) Jones 49
Perhaps John Lloyd Jones was only 18 when he married. In those days 21 was when you became an adult and so he may not have been able to have married unless he gave his age as 21. Six years after the marriage in the 1881 Census he gives his age as 23 (His son my grandfather, John William Jones was three years old at that time) which is much closer to his birth year of 1857.
Interestingly they were staying at the Swan Inn when they married, perhaps they decided to get married secretly!! Arthur Parkinson and Annie Ellis may have been their friends.
Their fathers Christian names were John and William and these are the names of their first son (my Grandfather) Their first daughter was named Annie Elizabeth Jones (Annie after their friend Annie Ellis?)
Also I believe Harriett's mum was named Ann and her elder sister Elizabeth, so perhaps the daughters name came from them.
I found the following Family:-1851
Title Year of Birth Place of Birth Comment
William Ellison 1826 Benington, Lincoln Same as certificate above
Ann Ellison 1829 Benington, Lincoln  
Elizabeth Ellison 1848 Grantham, Lincoln Spittlegate is on the
Harriet Ellison 1850 Spittlegate, Lincoln edge of Grantham
I found the following Family:- 1881 Census RG11, Folio 3232/11, Page 13
Title Age Place of Birth Occupation
William Ellison 51 Grantham, Lincoln Coal Porter (Lab)
Ann Ellison 52 Benington, Lincoln  
Alfred Ellison 18 Grantham, Lincoln RY. Engineer (Cleaner)
Isaac Ellison 16 Grantham, Lincoln Iron Turner (Appr.)
Rebecca Ellison 16 Grantham, Lincoln Dressmaker (Appr.)
Sarah E. Ellison 12 Grantham, Lincoln Scholar
Address:- 4 Oxford Street, Spittlegate, Lincoln, England.
I'm pretty sure the two census' refer to the same family. There are some discrepancies. William should be 55, and born in Benington. Here his occupation is a Coal Porter Labourer, in the above certificate his occupation is Book keeper?. Apart from Elizabeth and Harriet who had left home there was a thirteen year gap between them and the eldest child mentioned here, Alfred Ellison. So it was probable that there were other children who had also left home and would not be mentioned on the 1881 Census.
While trying to find the data for this marriage certificate. I first looked for John Lloyd Jones in the marriages indexes microfiche at the Records Office in Worcester. The only John Lloyd Jones between 1875 and 1878 was; married at Burnley, December qtr. 8e-308. I could only think of working my way through the many thousands of names in that quarter to find the matching partner. Then I asked one of the staff to help me find a match using the computer. We didn't have any success and He asked if I had the 1881 and 1901 Census' of the family. On showing him my data he noticed that in the 1901 Census one daughter was called Nora Ellison Jones and born in Grantham, He suggested that this middle name may be the Grandparent's name and to look this up on the microfiche. Sure enough I found the name and match, Harriett Ellison, married at Burnley, December qtr. 8e-308. Now I feel sure that these are my Great-grandparents.
With regards to the witness' Arthur Parkinson and Annie Ellis I found the following information in the 1881 census and I think this may be them. They were Beer Sellers and may have run the Swan Inn. If this is the couple that were witness' to my Great-grandparents marriage it would make sense that they too would get married. Padiham where they were living in the 1881 Census is very close to Burnley and so is Simonstone where Arthur Parkinson was born. (They had three male lodgers in the household at that time).
Title Age Place of Birth Occupation
Arthur Parkinson 28 Simonstone, Lanc's Beer Seller
Annie Parkinson 29 Barton, Gloucester Beer Seller Wife
Francis Eliz. Parkinson 1 Padiham, Lanc's  
Address: 25 Bank Street, Padiham, Lancashire. RG11, Folio 4158/24. Page 12

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