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  Eliza (Berry) Grubham

This was the Golden Wedding Anniversary 26th September 1921 of My Great Grandfather Philip Grubham and Grandmother Eliza (Bury) Grubham.

Standing from left to right are Mary Doman, (who thirty years later married my Grandfather). My Grandmother Lucy (Grubham) Jones (45) (daughter of Philip and Eliza). My Grandfather, John William Jones (44), standing behind wearing a boater. Jane (Kettle) Grubham (75) (Richard Grubham's wife). James Grubham (40) (son of Philip and Eliza). Fanny Berry (73) (Lucy's sister). Emily (Mason) Grubham (James's wife). The wife of Joseph Grubham. Esther Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grubham (44) (daughter of Philip and Eliza) Olive Grubham (40) and May Grubham (37) (daughter's of Richard and Jane) Henry Grubham (38) (son of Philip and Eliza). Joseph Grubham (58) (brother of Philip). Alice Mary (Baker) Grubham (42) (Harry Grubham's wife). Richard Grubham (71) (brother of Philip). Alice's sister.
Sitting from left to right are Doris Eliza Jones (12) (daughter of John and Lucy). Eliza (Bury) Grubham (70). Unknown. Philip Grubham (76). Mabel Grubham (12) (daughter of Henry and Alice) and Alice Grubham's mother. View Larger Photo

The tall chap with a trilby and large moustache is Joseph Grubham, Philip Grubham's youngest brother. The man to his right with a bowler hat is Richard Grubham another of Philip Grubham's brothers. Richard had four daughters, two of them Olive and May are at the back between Lizzie and Harry and Richard's wife Jane (Kettle) Grubham is standing to the left of Fanny Bury, with Joseph's wife to her right


Here is an earlier photograph of the Grubham Family. Philip and Eliza (my Great-grandparents) sitting, with their children Henry (Harry), Esther (Lizzie), Lucy (my Grandmother) and James (Jim) (my Great-aunt and Uncles) standing.

It is a nice photo to have and because of the porch trellis work behind them, I can tell that they are outside the family house, The Laurels at the top of Ankerdine Hill, Knightwick, Worcestershire.

The Golden Wedding photo was interesting as I came across it in the Worcester Journal, Gratis Edition, at the Record Office when it was in Trinity Street, Worcester. (I already had an original as seen) I just selected one of the journals, opened it up and there was the photo, spooky. Because of this I knew the date as that was under the photo and I then realised what was in the front right of the photo, the Anniversary Cak., I had not realised until then what it was. It all sort of makes sense. Interestingly as I write this extra paragraph, it is my sister and husband Gunvald Stenersen's 50th Golden Wedding this year 2016.