Broadwas Church - Lancet Windows.

How nice to have these two stained glass lancet windows in the north wall of the Chancel.

A lancet window is a tall, narrow window with a pointed arch at its top. It acquired the "lancet" name from its resemblance to a lance.

The window nearest to the Altar, has a plaque in rememberance of three members of the Fowler family [Many thanks to Peter Walker for pointing this out to me] and says:-

In remembrance of
Robert Rodney Fowler 1820 - 1911
Rector of Broadwas 1861 - 1911
Charles Hodgson Fowler FRIBA. 1840 - 1910
Architect of the Restoration of
Broadwas Church circa 1885
Hubert Rodney Ross Fowler 1807 - 1911
Surgeon Major TD. MD. DPH.

You can find Robert Rodney Fowler, in the list of Incumbents below.

The window to its left, shows St. Celia and was one which was dedicated to a very well known Broadwas lady, Miss Mabel Daniel and has the following words:-

Miss Daniel gave her time to teaching at Broadwas School for over 50 years and every Sunday, or for any other occasion at the Church, she would play the Organ. On top of this she gave up even more time to help those in the village who were needing any help, what a great lady she was and well deserved of this commemoration to her.

Happy memories of her and Miss Thomas who taught me during my days at Broadwas School and I remember well walking to the Church with them to decorate it for Harvest Supper times.

Broadwas Incumbents

Walterus le Ster 1288
Willus de Stanwaya 1306
Willus Underhill 1380
Richardus Hambury 1421
Willus Clerke 1445
Robertus Richardesson 1479
Johannes Newe 1485
Willus Layton 1538
Henricus Johnson 1548
Richardus Barnes 1561
Stephanus Boughton 1630
Nathaniel Tompkins ——
Thophilus Cooke 1662
Edwardus Underhill 1678
Guliemus Betterley 1720
Thomas Miles 1733
Phillip Durval 1761
Samuel Not 1769
James Swift 1775
William H. Roberts 1783
Thomas Clarke 1814
Allen Wheeler 1821
Robertus Sanders 1838
William Brown 1854
Augustus Master 1858
Robert R. Fowler 1862
George F. Hough 1914
Alfred C. Style 1925
James R. Burns 1927 [Joined with Knightwick - 1928]
Edward C. Coxwell 1944 [Died]
Arthur J. Hemmings 1947
Laurence Blackburn 1953
Oliver Davies 1956
David C. Salt 1972 [Moved to Redditch 1982]
Harold Goddard 1985 [Priest in Charge - Resigned 1982]
William Richards 1991 [Retired]
David Sherwin 2001 [Priest in Charge]


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