This photograph was taken by W. E. Price of Knightwick and shown in the Berrow's Worcester Journal, (Gratis Supplement), Saturday, 15th March 1924. and named 'Entertainment by Knightwick School Children'. The interest to my family are my mother Doris Eliza Jones, (later Holland) and her cousin Mabel Grubham, daughter of Harry and Alice Grubham. Mum was 15 and Mabel 16 when this photograph was taken. I already had an original photo, but it was nice to find the dated one in the Berrow's compilation at the Worcester Record Office, Trinity Street. The photo has some bad lighting across the bottom row which covers the faces of some of the children. My mum is the girl with the white top and buttons and her cousin Mabel Grubham is stood to the right, with a long dark coat with white edging. I can only imagine that this was taken at Knightwick School

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