John and Gertrude Luty

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Percy Thomas Luty - no certificate

Bernard Alfred Luty

Jessie Selina Luty

Hilda Jane Luty

John Willie Luty - died aged 2

Gertrude Luty

Cecil Luty - died at the Somme

Dorothy Beryl Luty - spinster

Annie Muriel Luty

Edgar Clarence Luty

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Bernard Alfred Luty



Edgar Clarence Luty, 25 years old, bachelor.
Job: Stoker.
Address: Powick, Worcestershire.
Married: Lilian Mary Hyde, 24 years old, spinster.
Address: Old Hills, Callow End, Worcestershire.
On: Monday, 27th December, 1926.
At: St. Peter's Church, Powick, Worcestershire.
Fathers: John Luty, Retired and Henry Hyde, Farm Worker.
Vicar: F. C. Champion
In the presence of: Harold Thomas Lumney and Violet Edith Hyde.

In the 1939 Register:

Edgar C. Luty, - b. 23rd June 1901, Machine Tool Horizonter.
Lillian M. Luty, - b.16th September 1902, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
Lilian Later marries a Lewis 5/6/1968
June Marjorie Luty, - b. 4th June 1931, At School.
June marries a Phillips 21/1/1971
Record Closed.
Derrick E. Luty, - b. 7th November 1936, Under School Age.
Address: 22 Vauxhall Street, Worcester.


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