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  Richard & Julie

Richard Mark John Holland and his partner Julie Owens (photograph taken at a garden barbecue at my house, in Worcester, 23rd June. 2003). Julie expecting their first child together. The day was lovely and Josephine my sister and I had invited friends, Geraldine and Brian Cooper and relations, my brother Graham's son Andrew Holland his wife Bronwyn and their children Amy and Jacob - my sons Richard and Alex Holland, Richard's partner Julie Owens - and my cousins Roger Ganderton, Julie (Ganderton) Southcombe and Jennifer (Ganderton) Morris.


  Richard & Julie

Richard Mark John Holland and Julie Owens his partner, 13th September, 2003, Very proud parents, with their new born baby, Jacob Alexander Philip Holland. Born: 3.03pm Saturday 13th September, 2003, at Lavender Postnatal Ward, Worcester Royal Hospital. Weighing: 8lb 14oz Length: 52cm. A beautiful baby boy.



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