See Local Census Document
of :-

William Grubham

Richard Grubham

James Bury

See Local Census Document
of :-

Philip Grubham


This document was from a local census of the area of Knightwick.

William and Elizabeth (Daniell) Grubham were the parents of Philip Grubham, my great-grandfather.

Philip and Eliza (Bury) Grubham
Married: 26th September, 1871. He 24, She 21.
At: Knightwick Church.
Philip was the son of William and Elizabeth Grubham.
His Father was a Labourer.
Eliza was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Bury
Her Father was a Labourer.
Witnesses: Fanny Bury and John Crockford
Rector: Octavious Fox.
Then living at Ankerdine.
Philip, a Labourer, anywhere.
Eliza, a delicate, gloveress.

Albert William Grubham, b. 1873.
Lucy Grubham, b. 1876.
Esther Elizabeth Grubham, b. 1877.
Fanny Grubham, b. 1879, d. 1879. (aged 3months)
James Grubham, b. 1881.
Henry Grubham, b. 3/5/1883

This local census document was a great thing to find as it has helped with confirming information I already had and also in providing some new information too. (The photo is of Philip and Eliza Grubham, my great grandparents).

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