Broadwas School

Another view (Many thanks to Peter Walker) that shows Broadwas School. Just slightly round corner in the distance on the right hand side is Brook Farm, owned then by Charles and Agnes (Furnival) Ganderton and one of their sons', Sidney Ralph Ganderton, who married my second cousin Mabel Hayward. They lived at No 1 Council House, Stoney Ley and I have been friends with their children for many years. Julie Ganderton and I were both in the same class at Broadwas Primary School and we both went to Bromyard Queen Elizabeth Grammar School when we passed our eleven-plus.

The eleven-plus (11-plus) is an examination administered to some students in England and Northern Ireland in their last year of primary education, which governs admission to grammar schools and other secondary schools which use academic selection. The name derives from the age group for secondary entry: 11–12 years.

The eleven-plus was once used throughout England and Wales, but is now only used in counties and boroughs in England that offer selective schools instead of comprehensive schools. Also known as the transfer test, it is especially associated with the Tripartite System which was in use from 1944 until it had been phased out across most of the UK by 1976.

The examination tests a student's ability to solve problems using a test of verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, with most tests now also offering papers in mathematics and English. The intention was that the eleven-plus should be a general test for intelligence similar to an IQ test, but with the addition of testing for taught curriculum skills. The test now measures aptitude for school work.

Introduced in 1944, the examination was used to determine which type of school the student should attend after primary education: a grammar school, a secondary modern school, or a technical school. The base of the Tripartite System was the idea that skills were more important than financial resources in determining what kind of schooling a child should receive: different skills required different schooling.

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