Broadwas School

Broadwas School (Many thanks to Peter Walker) with a dog lying in the doorway and two girls in the playground. When I started there in 1954-5 the trees seen in this photograph no longer existed, or what looks like a tin shed attached to the main building. My mother had never wanted me to go to Knightwick school (I was born at the Post Office in Knightwick, where my grandfather John William Jones was sub-postmaster. My grandmother died in 1951, then grandad gave up the post there and remarried and move to Ankerdine Hill and my mother then took over as the sub-postmaster. I remember that first day very well, dad and mum went with me in the little green van (dad always bought green ones) it was quite a shock for me. I hadn't realised that they were going to leave me there and go home, so there was quite a lot of resentment from me as I didn't want to be left there with out them. Any way it all turned out okay and Miss Thomas and Miss Daniel's soon made me feel at home and I got to meet lots of new friends. Knightwick school closed in 1957 after 69 years (It was built in 1888) mainly due to less children in the village and so all those that had been going there then came to Broadwas.

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