The Forge Stores & Texaco Station at Broadwas.

This is a an amazing piece of art, a sketch/painting, by E Scott-Jones. An Austin Allegro is parked, probably by someone using the Forge Stores and an Austin Mini Pickup has stopped to get petrol. This drawing can be dated to 1983 when petrol was £1.67 a gallon as the sign says.

Its a different view that many will remember, as they made their way through Broadwas to Worcester for work or shopping. Hard to see but there is an opening between the brick wall and fence, which is the lane called Stoney-Ley, this road passes where my cousins the Ganderton's used to live and just past them at the highest point was where Broadwas had a cricket field. The road eventually comes to a T junction, left down to Doddenham and back on to the A44, or right towards Wants Green, where the roads can be taken to Berrow Hill, Whichenford or Worcester.

On the other side of the station was the Post Office run by Bill Burrett. His son Donald, who I went to Broadwas School with, carried on in his father's footsteps and was the village postman.

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