The Forge Filling Station at Broadwas

Until Monday 15 February 1971, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) used pounds, shillings and pence. On that day both the UK and the Republic of Ireland switched to a new system with 100 pence in the pound and no shillings. In 1974 Inflation runs high and petrol costs 72p a gallon.

The Forge Filling Station at Broadwas had a shop as well as selling 'Texaco' petrol and became one of the main stopping places between Bromyard and Worcester. As well as a vital place for the locals.

Back in 1971 you could buy a dozen eggs for 23p, go to the pictures for 30p and fill up your car at 7p a litre.
1971 vs 2011: what you get for your money
Mars bar: 1971: 2p - 2011: 60p
First class stamp: 1971: 3p - 2011: 44p 
Pint of milk: 1971: 6p - 2011: 49p
Loaf of bread: 1971: 9½p - 2011: £1.10
Pint of bitter: 1971: 11p - 2011: £3.05
Bunch of bananas: 1971: 18p - 2011: 65p
Packet of cigarettes: 1971: 27p - 2011: £7
Gallon of petrol: 1971: 33p - 2011: £6
Ticket to Wembley Cup Final: 1971: £2 - 2011: £115


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