Broadwas Court and gardens.

A great photograph/card which I haven't seen before (Many thanks to Major [Retd] Janet Brodie-Murphy). Here you see some of the side elevation behind the main house and a lovely ivy arbor/bower covered pathway running into the distance.

Edward Henry Hill and his Wife Elizabet Agnes Hill lived at Broadwas Court, circa. 1881 to his death in 1911.

THe Hill Family lived at Broadwas Court - Below is more information about them.


William Hill 1788 - 1859
Married: 3rd September, 1810, Upper Mitton, Worcestershire.
Elizabeth Rowley 1781 - 1868

Their Son: Thomas Rowley Hill.

Thomas Rowley Hill 1816-1896
Birth: 1 March, 1816, Worcestershire.
Christening: 30 May, 1816, Stourport, Worcestershire.
Death: 12 October, 1896, Worcestershire.
Burial: 1896, Worcester.
Residence: 1851 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1861 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1871 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1881 St Martin, Worcester.
Residence: 1891 Worcester.

Married: 26 July, 1842, Worcestershire.

Mary Hilditch Evans 1814-1891

Her Parents:

*Edward Evans 1789 - 1871
Married: 4 September 1811 Catherine Bickerton 1789 - 1877

Daughter: **Mary Hilditch Evans.
Birth: 17 March, 1814, Worcestershire.
Christening: 22 September, 1841, Worcester.
Death: 26 December, 1891. Worcestershire.
Residence: 1851 Worcestershir.
Residence: 1861 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1881 St Martin, Worcester.
Residence: 1891 Worcester.

Their Son: Edward Henry Hill

Edward Henry Hill 1849-1911
Birth: 10 February, 1849, Worcester.
Christening: 26 August, 1849, Worcester.
Death: 19th April, 1911, Broadwas, Worcestershire.
Residence: 1851 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1861 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1871 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1881 Broadwas, Worcester.
Residence: 1891 Broadwas, Worcester.
Residence: 31 March, 1901, Broadwas, Worcester.

Married: Elizabeth Agnes Bailey
On: 1 June, 1870.
At: St George's Church, Worcester.


Thomas William Hill (Brother) 1843-Deceased
Birth: 23 June, 1843, Hill and Moor, Worcestershire.
Christening: 31 March, 1844,
At: Congregational Chapel, Angel Street, Worcester.
Residence: 1851 Worcestershire.
Married: Bertha Smith
On: 19th April, 1864
3rd Daughter of James Smith, of Doe Bank House.

Francis W Hill (Brother) 1844-Deceased
Birth: 1844 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1861 Worcestershire.

Mary Evans Hill (Sister) 1851-Deceased
Birth: 4th January 1851, Hill and Moor, Worcestershire.
Residence: 1851 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1861 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1871 Worcestershire.
Residence: 31 March, 1901 Suckley, Worcestershire.
Residence: 1911 Suckley, Worcestershire.

Alfred Edward Hill (Brother) 1847-1847
Birth: 13 May, 1847, Hill and Moor, Worcestershire,
Death: 26 Augus,t 1847.
At: Lowestoff.

Catherine Eliza Hill (Sister) 1851-Deceased
Birth: 19th April 1852, Hill and Moor, Worcestershire.
Christening: 22 December, 1852,
At: Catherine Hill House, Worcester.
By: Rev. Dr. Redford.
Residence: 1861 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1871 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1881 St Martin, Worcester.

William Bailey 1825 1870

Married: c. 1845 England

Harriett xxx. 1825 - 1881

Their Daughter: Elizabeth Agnes Bailey.

Elizabeth Agnes Bailey 1850-1893 
Birth: 11 October, 1850, Kingston, Jamaica
Christening: 31 December, 1850, Kingston, Jamaica.
Death: 19 January, 1893, Broadwas, Worcestershire.
Burial: 21 January, 1893, Broadwas, Worcestershire.
Residence: 1861 Hampshire.
Residence: 1871 Worcestershire.
Residence: 1881 Broadwas, Worcestershire.
Residence: 1891 Broadwas, Worcestershire.

Married: Edward Henry Hill
On: 1 June, 1870.
At: St George's Church, Worcester.

*Edward Evans, of Worcester, esq. (one of the founders and now senior partner of the firm of Hill, Evan, & Co., of Worcester, British Wine and Vinegar Makers) late alderman of that city, of which he was mayor in 1841-2, J.P., born at Welshpool, 10 July, bap. 12 July, 1789. He married at West Felton, Salop, 4 Sep., 1811, Catherine Bickerton, daughter of Thomas Bickerton, of Woodcott, gent. (by his wife Mary Hillditch), and sister of Hannah Bickerton, who married her husband's brother John. They have issue :—

1. Edward Bickerton Evans, of Whitbourne Hall, county of Hereford, only son, a partner in the firm of Hill, Evans, & Co., was born at Worcester, 17 Oct., 1819, and registered at Dr. Williams' Library, Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, London. He was married 21 April, 1846, by the Rev. Dr. Wallace, of the Old Church, Dumfries, to Margaret, sixth child and eventual coheiress of Peter Fleming of Wallace, Grove, Glasgow (by Janet, sister of the above Rev. Dr. Wallace), and sister of Agnes the wife of her husband's cousin Thomas Bickerton Evans. She was born at Glasgow, 18 March, 1827, and was baptized by Dr. Forbes there. They have issue :—
a. Edward Wallace Evans, born at Greenhill, Worcester, 22 May, 1847.
b. Patrick Fleming Evans, born at Greenhill, Worcester, 18 December, 1851.

2. Catherine Bickerton Evans, born at Foregate Street, Worcester, 6 Jan., 1813, registered at Dr. Williams' Library, Red Cross Street, London. Died June 10, 1855.

3. **Mary Hilditch Evans, born at Worcester, 17 Mar., 1814, registered at Dr. Williams' Library, was married 26 July, 1842, at the Congregational Chapel, Worcester, to Thomas Rowley Hill, esq., of Catherine Hill House, Worcester, a partner in the firm of Hill, Evans, & Co. (eldest son of William Hill, esq., F.R.A.S., of Worcester), sometime mayor of that city, and now a by whom she has had issue.
:— See first Column




Worcesters Chronicle 1st June 1870

The celebration of the nuptials of Mr. Edward Henry Hill, second son of Thomas Rowley Hill, Esq, (High Sheriff of the County), and Miss Elizabeth Agnes Bailey, daughter of the late William Bailey, Esq., of Southampton, and of Mrs. Bailey. The Chase, Barbourne-terrace, took place at St. George's Church, Barbourne, at eleven o'clock this morning (Wednesday), and was witnessed by a large number of well-dressed persons, the greater proportion of whom, as is invariably the case on such occasions, were ladies.
Over the church gates was erected an evergreen and floral arch, flags waved from the church tower, and the neighbourhood wore a look of festivity. The bride wore a rich dress of white satin with train skirt elaborately trimmed with Honiton point lace, a wreath of orange blossoms and myrtle, and a costly veil of real Honiton lace, looking in the flower of her loveliness a superb illustration of " a bride adorned for her husband."
The bridesmaids were Miss Gertrude Bailey, Miss Pinock, Miss Hill, Miss Catherine Hill, Miss Milly Davy, Miss Everett, Miss Simpson, and Miss Waters. They were all dressed alike in white grenadine, each dress most elegantly trimmed with a deep flounce and bouillon, newly designed tunic trimmed with blue satin, and finished with blue satin sashes. The head dress consisted of blue convolvulus and white heath wreaths with tulle scarf-veils flowing from the head over the dress. The bride and bridesmaids had each a splendid bouquet of choice flowers. The bride's and bridesmaids' dresses, &c., were supplied by Messrs. Scott and Oram, and were very much admired by the large and fashionable company present. The groomsman were Mr. Edward Wallace Evans, Mr. Pinnock, Mr. Arthur Everett, Mr. Henry Bailey, Mr. Wm. Bailey, Mr. Alfred Bailey, Mr. John Tombs, and Mr. Garnet. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. B. Davis, vicar of St. George's assisted by the Rev. R. F. Woodward, curate of Bibury, near Cirencester. The bride was given away by Mr. Henry Bailey, her eldest brother. Mr. F. Thomasson, the organist, played appropriate selections of music during the entrance of the bridal party, and Mendelssohn's Wedding March on their departure from the sacred edifice, after subscribing the parochial register. Among the relatives and friends present were Thos. Rowley Hill, esq., and Mrs. Hill (parents of the bridegroom), Mr. And Mrs. Bickerton Evans, Mr and Mrs. Everett, Mr. Joseph Waters, (of Manchester), Mrs. Taylor (Lowesmoor Villa), Mr. And Mrs. Edward Everett (of Stoke-upon-Trent), Mr. And Mrs. Evans (Rock Park), Mrs. Pinock, Mrs. Simpson, Mr. John Simpson, Miss Emily Simpson, Mr. And Mrs. T. W. Hill, Mrs. P. S. Baldwin, &c. At the close of the interesting ceremony the bridal party proceeded to The Chase, where a splendid dejéuner had been supplied from the cuisine of Mr. Mountford, of High-street. A numerous dinner party will take place at six o'clock this evening at Catherine Hill House, London-road, the residence of the bridegroom's father. The repast will be held in a new, large, and beautiful marquee supplied by Mr. H. Griffiths, of No. 7, St. Swithin-street, and which is fixed on the lawn at the front of the house. At an early hour this afternoon the happy bride and bridegroom will take the train for London, en-route to Switzerland.

Newspaper cutting Friday 20th January, 1893.

DEATH OF MRS. HENRY HILL, OF BROADWAS. We regret to record the death of Mrs. Henry Hill, of Broadwas Court, which took place on Thursday morning. The deceased lady, who bad been ill for some time was the daughter of the late Capt. Bailey, a retired military officer, and for sometime lived with her mother at Barbourne, Worcester. On her marriage with Mr. Edward Henry Hill, youngest son of Ald. T. Rowley Hill-she resided for some time in Worcester, subsequently removing to Broadwas, and has since lived there. The poor of the district have lost in Mrs. Hill, a true and constant friend. The deceased lady always took the utmost pains to acquaint herself with the circumstances of those In the neighbourhood who stood in want of help, and the assistance she rendered was as prompt and as kindly given as it was generous and appropriate. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hill took a keen interest in the parish schools, and Mr. Hill personally manages a penny bank for the benefit of the children. This week our local correspondent reports the distribution of gifts in the village of Broadwas in accordance with the thoughtful custom of Mr. and the late Mrs. Hill at this time of the year. To the aged women were given blankets and flannel; to the old men, two flannel shirts each; to the school girls, cloth dresses, linings and buttons; and to the school boys two flannel shirts each. The soup kitchen also has been open all the winter. These continuous acts of kindness have drawn forth warm expressions of gratitude from the numerous recipients. It need hardly be added that a profound gloom has been spread over the village by the death of its benefactress, and that throughout the district the most sincere sympathy is felt with the bereaved husband and his relatives. The funeral will take place to-morrow (Saturday) at Broadwas.



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